Facials, corrective skincare treatments, body treatments and full body waxing for men and women.

MY story

Suffering with hormonal, cystic acne left me feeling depressed, and unattractive. The year 2017 I began battling with low esteem, and desired to be free due to acne. Like most problems my breakouts started small and soon over time covered my entire face. Fast forward to the year 2020, I was ready for a change. I was tired of not being able to look in the mirror without pointing out my flaws, afraid to go inside of public stores because of not wanting to be seen, and not feeling confident in myself. I searched high and low for someone who could help me. Beauty store products, natural products and a dermatologist did not work for me. After long nights of research, I discovered what I’ll be doing today.

During the trials of ‘’trusting the process’’ I slowly started entering a new life for myself. I was leaving the house more, becoming more involved in activities, and actually getting dressed. My skin was clearing up and I was receiving genuine compliments from friends and family. I wasn’t afraid anymore of the opinions of others. I knew my face was not completely cleared, but it was ten times better than what I started with. I walked around feeling like one of the prettiest girls in the world but in the humblest way ever. The virtual consultation I schedule saved me and I am forever grateful to the esthetician that helped me with my skin.   

Before I became or even knew I wanted to be an esthetician I was going to school to fulfill my dream of being a nurse. I was currently working as a CNA at a hospital. I always had a passion for wanting to help people in need. Working at the hospital clicked for me that this was not my calling. Writing in my journal, I knew three things that I wanted to do. Bringing self-love back into someone, removing ingrown hairs, and becoming my own boss.

Passing my state board test drove me to get my business rolling. I started firm with full body waxing, and in the year 2022, I began offering facials. I wanted my business to reflect courage, self-confidence, and realism. 

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With these three things in place, I began building trust with my clients by providing an elevated experience using result-driven products and staying current with high-quality technology. I believe in educating my clients about what products are best suited for their skin conditions and giving a detailed plan of action. Building my space, I focused on creating a relaxing environment for men and women to feel safe and comfortable. If you are looking for an esthetician that is relatable, honest, and will move mountains I am your esti bestie.

Aside from being a business owner, I am a sister, the daughter of two entrepreneurs, and a plant mom. I enjoy cooking and spending time with family and friends. My favorite dish to create is anything pasta related. I love sharing recipes and buying plants! In my free time, I do have I make sure to visit family and spend quality time with all three of my younger siblings.

My passion for esthetics has gifted me the pleasure to work with amazing people and be that change in their lives. Are you ready to see what Arianah Esthetics can do for you?

Here are some fun facts

About ME

Both of my parents are in the beauty industry.

My mother is a hairstylist, and my father is a barber.

I am slowly becoming a crazy plant lady. All my plants have a unique name. 

Favorite food?


I can't sing or dance but sing the loudest and dance the most.

My fur baby is an English bulldog named Taurus. 


Corrective Treatments


Body Treatments

Full Body Waxing

Decongesting your pores, making the skin brighter, healthier, and vibrant.

A series of professional advanced treatments targeting a specific skin condition and or issues. 

Designed to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate the more neglected parts of our bodies. 

Removing unwanted hairs by using a hypoallergenic wax. Providing a longer-lasting smooth hair removal. 





 Allow me to be the change in your life. Helping you achieve healthy, vibrant skin.

I help men and women reach desirable skin results.


I’ve had so many waxes over my life, and she is better than all of them, fast and efficient!!

- Jamie Johnson 

Got my first facial today and it was EVERYTHING!!!

I had the dermaplane facial! It was a very relaxing vibe. Very professional and informative, you will not be disappointed.
- Ebony Marie

Arianah is very knowledgeable in her craft; she explained every step of the way.

She is very neat and sanitary. Arianah also will set you up for the best results. I would recommend her services to anyone who is in need for them. Calm and relaxing environment.
- Jared Demetrii 

I will NEVER book with anyone else.

Arianah is so professional and speedy with responses. Her space is CLEAN, tidy and relaxing. I have noticed huge changes in my skin and overall happiness with my waxed since working with her!
- Tera Anderson 

 I started going to Platinum Spa about 8 months ago...

And went with Arianah because I saw her skin transforming and was hoping she could do the same for me. Well, she did just that. I go once a month sometimes every two weeks and I always leave feeling revamped like that’s exactly what my skin needed. She is 100% honest with me when I’m not doing what I need to be doing. She can always tell so no need to lie. I love how in tune she is with her clients. If y’all looking for a great esthetician, I promise you she is the one to book with!
- Daprisha Lott

Since going to Ari I have gained confidence in both my face and below my waist!

My brows pop every time she touches them! I have seen less ingrown hairs, and hair growth. It’s always a great vibe and music playing while receiving service. She always makes sure I feel comfortable and answer any questions I may have, even on services I have yet receive from her. Very accommodating with my schedule and you can bet I won’t be switching up on this esthetician!
- Ashley Smith

I have been amazed by the waxing treatments I receive monthly.

Arianah makes me feel so empowered each time I leave. It’s obvious she takes pride in what she does, and the customer service skills are out of the world. If you’re looking for a professional esthetician, she’s your girl!
- Amya Frazier